1st of August 2018, 29th of July 2019, and most recently 22nd of August 2020… Random dates? Rather singular and symbolic ones since they mark what is called “Earth Overshoot Day”. These embody the time of year when the ecological footprint exceeds the planet’s biocapacity to renew itself over the 12 months – dates measured by the NGO Global Footprint Network and listed since 2003. This year has been peculiar in many ways and it is with a very slight setback compared to the previous ones that Humans will continue to live on credit on the Earth’s resources until the end of the year.

Concerned about our ecological footprint and the use of natural resources, at Yemanja we have a cyclical vision and our philosophy has always been to give back to nature a part of what it has offered us. Due to our origins, several ingredients come from the Amazon for the composition of our cosmetics range. The Amazonian forest – the green lung of our planet and the cradle of a complex ecosystem – is a fundamental, unique and invaluable source of biodiversity. Naturally, we wanted to be a partner of a local NGO, recognised and competent in the implementation of projects in line with our core values and the significance of the fauna, flora and population. An environment with multiple aspects to be taken into account in its entirety.

The SOS Amazônia NGO has been working in the field for more than 30 years with the main mission of promoting the conservation of biodiversity and the development of environmental awareness first and foremost in its region through four major areas:

– The restoration and protection of the Amazonian forest and its well-being ;

– The promotion of socio-biodiversity products by supporting cooperatives and local communities ;

– Supporting the exploitation of products from the Amazon rainforest in a sustainable and fair manner ;

– The management and communication of an adequate governance dedicated to natural resources through research, education, the training of units created with the aim of protecting and conserving the fauna, flora and indigenous populations in the Amazon.

Our proposal was to promote SOS Amazônia in Switzerland with its visibility on all our bottles and to become a donor by giving a part of our profits annually to contribute to the realisation and sustainability of their projects. Furthermore, one project in particular has inspired us since the beginning of our partnership: the protection of baby turtles. The reason why this animal has become the emblem of our balance range.

The visible results of the SOS Amazônia NGO to date and in figures: 5’500 families who benefit from its activities, 110’000 trees planted, 40’000 baby turtles who have been able to return to the open sea and the management and protection of 100’000 hectares of forest.

Within Yemanja, we wish to visit the production sites of our ingredients and meet the cooperatives that supply us, while respecting nature and its resources in complete transparency. We aspire to perpetuate our commitment and awareness in Europe for the conservation of biodiversity in the Amazon.

To find out more about SOS Amazônia’s projects or to contribute, please visit here.