“Cosmetics that are aligned with the times, taking into account ecological issues

Genuinely environmentally conscious, Yemanja cosmetics have also been thoughtfully designed to conscientiously minimize our ecological footprint. In terms of origin, the distances involved in transporting ingredients and resources, as well as the packaging design, which also remains central. The latter has been carefully studied with the aim of reducing unnecessary waste as much as possible, as we make it a point of honour in our charter. The richness of our products radiates without cellophane or overpackaging. The use of plastic is thus reduced to the lead of the containers.

The composition of our range of products is gender-neutral and has been developed to suit everyone. The reasoning is reflected in the design of the packaging, by a minimalist visual in line with our times and our values. Timeless and contemporary at the same time. Each product reveals two active ingredients and a totem animal evoking our Brazilian origins and representing the virtues of the content. Without false pretence.

Here, the high end is not only reflected in the packaging but in the product as a whole

Our bottles are made of purple glass, an ancestral discovery whose use has endured through the ages for its substance protection properties. The mass and coloration of the glass, also known as Miron glass today, act as a natural filter when the violet glass is exposed to the various rays of sunlight. One is of white colour and visible to the naked eye when it passes through a glass prism, while the other radiation remains invisible, consisting of infrared and UV-A beams. Plants need daylight to pursue their growth, but when exposed after maturation, their exposure accelerates the process of molecular decomposition. Violet glass prevents this phenomenon, preserving the life and efficiency of the plant components by blocking all visible light rays that can alter the virtues of the product. Except for the violet, from which the glass takes its name. It is thanks to this physical combination which protects and enhances the function of sensitive and high-quality substances that the enigmatic violet glass prolongs the ideal preservation and quintessence of our cosmetics.

Our bottles have also been selected by the interest and the continuous search for sustainable alternatives. Empty containers can thus be returned to our various points of sale to come back to the laboratory. After being carefully cleaned and sterilized, they will have several lives and can be found on the same displays of our distributors and then back in your bathrooms.