Oily skin

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  • A 200ml bottle of Yemanja Balance Solution, with glass miron and a white label with a turtle on it.

    Coriander & basil balance solution

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  • A 100ml Yemanja exfoliating mask jar, in black miron glass and with a white label with a turtle on it.

    Cypress & andiroba Balance Exfoliating Mask

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  • A 30ml bottle of Yemanja's enzymatic night potion, all black.

    Eucalyptus & lemon enzymatic night potion

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  • A 50ml bottle of Yemanja moisturizing cream, in black glass miron and with a white label with a toucan on it.

    Lemon balm & spearmint moisturizer

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  • A 200ml bottle of Yemanja Cleansing Milk, in black miron glass with a white label featuring a toucan.

    Savory and spearmint moisturising cleansing milk

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  • Bottle of Yemanja balance serum, with an Oxossi bracelet in amazonite on the back, all on a white background.

    Yarrow & Bay St Thomas Balance serum

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