In full growth, we will be back soon with new visuals in order to guide you holistically in the use of our products! The aim is to offer a didactical approach and allow you to replicate the right gestures accompanying your skin care routines – a must on a daily. A subtle mixture between aesthetics and expertise that is blended in the movements as well as the finesse of the textures.

Massaging, softening, tapping, relaxing… we revitalize the skin with studied and specific moves for the areas you wish to target, all inspired by our Brazilian roots and traditions. An inspiration also expressed in the composition and virtues of our products.

It is in laid back and warm atmosphere that Yemanja’s team is welcomed at dawn in a studio on the shore of Neuchâtel’s lake. We are pursuing local all the way! In the midst of artistic installations, various instruments and gadgets residing every corner of the space and the white background of the studio, the hairdresser/make-up artist takes care of the models while the audiovisual artists adjust their equipment. The two models of the day, the ingenuous Éléonore and the sparkling Carolina are briefed on the product range, the gestures and their various benefits and we move on to the choice of the fabrics’ tones to showcase the products in the best way. Today it will be nude only. The models take place in a simple and pure decor while the silence settles. The time to make a few arrangements and the shoot can start. Éléonore and Carolina apply and repeat the movements with delicacy facing the camera. In the back we can hear voices guiding them. From the face, to the legs, some touch-ups and we start over. In one way, the other, fan-shaped, on the lion’s wrinkle, the chest, nothing is spared. The textured, harmony of the gestures, comfort and serenity, all are now brought together… The natural perfume of the products radiates, the feeling of wellness swiftly becomes contagious and is transmitted to the whole space. You simply want to switch places.

A brief preview of the tutorials that await you underneath each of our products

Time has passed by, the models can go and we can switch on the choice of sequences before repacking.

Yemanja is delighted to unveil the fruit of its efforts. The skin care gestures embody an overall ritual, an exclusive sharing that we desire to hand over, for they are anchored in our values and for your well-being.