The result of several years of development, encounters and exchanges, the YEMANJA cosmetic range was born from the Brazilian origins of its creator before being carried into the imagination of her Swiss ally. A source of inspiration and escape, Brazil nourishes the contents and the attachment to give meaning. This range offers noble, distinctive and original products that combine personal well-being with respect for the environment. It aims to meet high standards of chemical-free care, with impeccable and readable compositions.
A human product for humans. We have a partnership with the NGO SOS Amazonia, which fights for the protection of the Amazonian fauna and small producers and to which we donate part of our profits. We offer natural, organic and vegan cosmetics free of disruptive agents where only an ECOCERT approved preservative is tolerated. Our products are rich in active ingredients, most of them contain neither added water nor essential oils. With the Yemanja cosmetics, no unnecessary overpackaging, everything is said on the bottle. We use miron glass for its UV barrier properties and encourage consumers to return empty glasses to us to give them a second life.